About Us

Turkey’s first classical music culture channel BIS, opens its curtains to record the reflections of the classical music and performing arts scene in Turkey.

As the meeting point of classical music lovers in Turkey, BİS conveys Turkey’s classical music heritage beyond radio frequencies by registering them into our collective visual memory.

By creating a large visual archive, BIS aims to contribute to the expansion of love of classical music in Turkey. Turkey's first classical music channel aims to provide the audience with exceptional examples of national and international art work produced on this land. Live shows and replays, the stories behind the scenes, premieres, master classes, documentaries about composers, researchers, maestros, young talents, historical stages the journey of classical music in Turkey… All is a part of BIS’s field of interest.

Today, there are many Turkish musicians, opera artists and dancers who perform to a full house in prestigious halls all around the world. Young Turkish artists come out in the most important international competitions. Turkish composers compose symphonies and concertos. But just a few of these -if not none- are recorded and made known to larger audiences.

BIS opens its stage to Turkish artists who contribute to the universal music scene.

Every music genre grows in a different soil. But what is universal belongs to humankind.

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